1-pvc-shrink-film-2REDBLADE Pty Ltd – Dextron Heatshrink supplies what we consider to be the most versatile and highest quality PVC Shrink Film available on the market today.

P.V.Ran – Ranpac Films are manufactured in Israel and are considered to one of the worldwide market leading manufactures of this product.

Ranpac – PVC shrink film is strong, versatile and economical, it is extremely easy to use, easy to seal and easy to shrink, it is able to be used on both old and new machinery.

Ranpac – PVC heat shrink film is a strong film with a slightly crinkly texture and is a most successful alternative to Polyolefin shrink films which are softer to touch and feel, but are also extremely tough.

Ranpac – P.V.C heat shrink film shrinks at low temperatures and is ideal for gift baskets, CD’s & software it works well with the EZI Wrapper – Shrink a Pack unit that utilises a heat gun to shrink the film.

PVC Centerfold Shrink Film Sizes Available:

200mm x 19um x 600mt 200mm x 25um x 450mt
250mm x 19um x 600mt 250mm x 25um x 450mt
300mm x 19um x 600mt 300mm x 25um x 450mt
350mm x 19um x 600mt 350mm x 25um x 450mt
400mm x 19um x 600mt 400mm x 25um x 450mt
450mm x 19um x 600mt 450mm x 25um x 450mt
500mm x 19um x 600mt 500mm x 25um x 450mt
550mm x 19um x 600mt 550mm x 25um x 450mt
600mm x 19um x 600mt 600mm x 25um x 450mt
650mm x 19um x 600mt 650mm x 25um x 450mt
700mm x 19um x 600mt 700mm x 25um x 450mt
750mm x 19um x 600mt 750mm x 25um x 450mt

Click Here to Download the PVC MSDS Brochure PDF.

Product Information:

  • High quality industrial film.
  • Tensile Strength kg/cm2: 620-970
  • Elongation: 100-250
  • Internal tear resistance: (gr) 6-14
  • Limit of elasticity: (kg/cm2) 5600-8158
  • Impact strength 240-380
  • Color: clear, champagne
  • Shrinkage at 120c (250F) MD 40
  • Shrinkage at 120c (250F) TD 40
  • shrinkage stress (kg/cm2) 8.5-18.5
  • Sealing strength (gr/cm) 600-1500
  • sealing temperature F 250-320
  • sealing temperature C 120-160
  • Slip coefficient >0.3
  • Performance: Excellent optical properties.
  • Easy-opening and excellent machine ability.
  • Excellent seal, tear and stretch strength.