Redblade Pty Ltd offer a wide range of Vacuum Cryovac Bags for food and non food applications.

Sizes as Follows.

130mm X 150mm 70um
150mm X 200mm 70um
165mm X 250mm 70um
165mm X 350mm 70um
190mm X 250mm 70um
190mm X 300mm 70um
210mm X 300mm 70um
210mm X 400mm 70um
210mm X 500mm 70um
250mm X 300mm 70um
250mm X 350mm 70um
250mm X 550mm 70um
300mm X 350mm 70um
300mm X 400mm 70um
300mm X 450mm 70um
350mm X 450mm 70um
370mm X 570mm 70um
400mm X 500mm 70um
400mm X 600mm 70um
400mm X 800mm 70um


Please call us for current costs and carton quantities.

Vacuum Cryovac Bags


Vacuum Bag Rolls for Domestic Vacuum Sealers to suit most models – VAC329, Breville, Sunbeam, etc

22cm X 5mt

28cm X 5mt

Please call for current costs.